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Break out of the Amazon’s Limited Branded Marketing – Leverage the marvel of 21st century SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING to humanize your brand. Let’s find you LOYAL CUSTOMERS rather than SUBJECTIVE SEARCHERS – Enhance Visibility, Impression, and Reach by sharing exclusive, humanizing, branded social media content.

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Blending Social Media Marketing
With Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO is a tricky business – especially when it allows only for limited branded marketing. Well why would Amazon do that? The reason is genius – yet simple – Amazon works to retain the ownership of its shoppers, not give them away to any other platform! Strategic Social Media Marketing enables you to construct a loyal customer base – who won’t sell off their loyalty for the CHEAPEST products around –instead come back to your store over and over again!

Do You Really Need Amazon Social Media Marketing Services?

Leaving your marketing strategy to product listing optimization and Amazon Sponsored Ads would be a grave mistake. Buy box is out for the win and you won’t own it just by relying on keywords and pricing! SMM services allow you to take advantage of a more proactive marketing approach by:


The SMM is the marvel of 21st century – allowing you to influence buyers through social media – building a vivid brand around your product. You create loyal following of potential buyers that value your brand. When your brand name resonates in the minds of your potential clients, you gain visibility and reach incomparable to that of a search engine!


Amazon social media management agency can help you build authority and establish you as a go-to brand when buyers seek meaningful information regarding relevant products. You are no longer just a reseller on Amazon; you become a thought leader with a loyal customer base – people who look up to your brand for introducing market trends!


All of the work that you put into Social Media Marketing places you one step closer to the Buy Box – now redirect that Quality Traffic to your Amazon store! Quality traffic gives you better chances of conversion than your random searchers. Your loyal followers already recognize you as an industry-leader, thus, click-through rates will be higher.

“Saw a 35% increase in the number of potential clients reaching out to us for services.”



How To Become A Thought Leader?
Offer Value To Your Buyers

There’s one winning mantra in 21st century selling guide book – Care about your buyers not just about SELLING!

Social Media Marketing is a blended technique that sets that stage with value-driven content and soft-selling techniques – starting off with offering value to your customers, and gently redirecting your traffic to make purchases. Our Amazon specialists will optimize a Social Media Strategy that entails all the digitally-savvy soft-selling techniques – redirecting the high-quality, likely-to-convert leads to your Amazon store!

“As SMM experts, we offer a blended PR recipe that will add a human touch to your product, what lifestyle it will offer to your potential buyers, how your product improves their life – life tips, fun facts, how-to’s and everything nice.”

Leveraging Amazon – the Gargantuan e-trailer – to your benefit

The more effective your overall marketing strategy, the better you can build a customer-base and enhance conversions. With a global market of sellers on Amazon – it takes more than Amazon SEO for your brand to make a mark, be recognized, and bought! Waiting on buyers to stumble upon your products and making a purchase can take time – instead build an audience that wishes to buy directly from you!

“Our powerful SMM strategy creates engaging content with precise and relevant information to address and rectify frequent queries from shoppers – and redirecting them to your brand.”

Find Out How Amazon Sellers Have Benefited From Our Insights Which Translated To Astonishing Profitability

Creating Brilliantly-Ranked, Profitable Amazon Stores is what we do best!


Amazon Berg SEO Services gave us an insight into the right Amazon advertising strategy…

"Amazon Berg SEO Services gave us an insight into the right Amazon advertising strategy, which is huge for driving profitability. They are the right specialists if you want to figure out what long-tail phrases can boost your ad campaigns during and after an Amazon store launch, allowing you to make your mark in front of the right customers."
- Kate Ivey


I believe Amazon Berg breaks down the ranking process into easy steps...

"I believe that Amazon Berg breaks down the ranking process into easy steps and helps your products get ranked on the Amazon Search Engine with great precision. Amazon Search Engine is very different from traditional search engines, and this Amazon marketing company knows what they are doing! My sales have driven exponentially high ever since I have opted for their services!"
- Jeremy Smith

Get Strategy Tailored To Your Needs

Amazon’s search engine is engineered to care about two things: buyers and buying journey. That’s it. That’s why as an Amazon advertising agency, we engineer Holistic, 360 degrees Marketing strategies that improve CTR for your products – thus enabling enhanced ranking. Fill in the form and find out how we can transform your eCommerce store into multi-million revenue generating machine.