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Let’s convert your Amazon listings into selling machines with detail-enhanced product descriptions, rich-pixel images, explainer charts, and enticing copywriting. Let’s streamline your earning potential with compelling Amazon A+ content from Amazon Berg. Get in touch to Enhance your Amazon Content now.

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What Difference Can Amazon EBC Services Make?

According to Amazon, EBC can drive sales from anywhere between 3-10%. EBC and A+ - now emulsified by Amazon into one term – A+ content, is a great way of contributing to the buying journey of your store visitors. This invite-only program (Amazon Brand Registry (ABR)) from Amazon lets Brand Registered Sellers to increase their conversion likelihood through crisp content placement, and visually-enhanced images, creatively blending elements of buyer’s interest to optimize conversion rates. Let your products shine through from the sea of millions with exquisitely-designed and meticulously-written products listings that say EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT TO READ!

What’s Included In EBC Amazon?

At Amazon Berg, we have a team of Amazon EBC experts that delve deep into your buyer’s psychology, exploring and reverse-engineering your competitor’s success strategies for you. Here is how we create EBC content for you:

Image Optimization and Editing

Employing top-notch editing tools and Photoshop techniques, our designers create irresistibly-clickable images, packed with the necessary buying information and enhanced with lifestyle touch – all while abiding Amazon guidelines.

Content Creation and Briefing

Create problem-solving, reader-centric, brand-enhanced product descriptions that help buyers choose you over your competition. Our content marketing strategies convey your brand story with crisp, clear copies that essentially sell.

EBC Design Layout & Implementation

Using either one of the five predefined themes or a customized one, we execute EBC designs for your entire catalogue and all registered brand products. Layout submission is done via Seller Central.

“EBC is a golden chance for sellers to showcase their USP especially with stiffer niches. Buyers are like goldfishes, turning to every shiny object they see. EBC helps you be that shiny object and keep your visitors hooked with visually-appealing images, problem-solving copies and brand-enhanced, humanized content. Enrich your buyer’s experience by providing everything they need to click that “BUY” button!”



We Optimize For Both Humans And Machines!

Let your Viewers make an Informed and Confident Purchase

EBC will help you clinch the deal when your customers are looking for more than just standard product descriptions. Selling a high-value item in a denser niche requires meticulous handling of the buyer’s aspirations. You need a titrated enhanced A+ product listing that gives your buyer exactly the information needed to make the purchase. Buyers love to know what makes you different, what’s you brand ideology, why should your brand be chosen from the sea of thousands – GIVE IT AWAY THROUGH EBC CONTENT!

“Our Amazon EBC consultants determine which ASINs need enhanced content and come up with brand-consistent vivid images with logically arranged content that speaks to your buyer’s on a human level – one that takes them through a journey. We truly build an EBC tailored specifically for your product”

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Amazon Berg SEO Services gave us an insight into the right Amazon advertising strategy…

"Amazon Berg SEO Services gave us an insight into the right Amazon advertising strategy, which is huge for driving profitability. They are the right specialists if you want to figure out what long-tail phrases can boost your ad campaigns during and after an Amazon store launch, allowing you to make your mark in front of the right customers."
- Kate Ivey


I believe Amazon Berg breaks down the ranking process into easy steps...

"I believe that Amazon Berg breaks down the ranking process into easy steps and helps your products get ranked on the Amazon Search Engine with great precision. Amazon Search Engine is very different from traditional search engines, and this Amazon marketing company knows what they are doing! My sales have driven exponentially high ever since I have opted for their services!"
- Jeremy Smith

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Amazon’s search engine is engineered to care about two things: buyers and buying journey. That’s it. That’s why as an Amazon advertising agency, we engineer Holistic, 360 degrees Marketing strategies that improve CTR for your products – thus enabling enhanced ranking. Fill in the form and find out how we can transform your eCommerce store into multi-million revenue generating machine.