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Let your dream to be a renowned author come to reality with Amazon Book Publishing. Amazon makes it easier for the budding authors to reach their readers through swiftly published eBooks! Let’s get rid of the hassle of running from publisher to publisher, Amazon has tipped the balance in favor of authors like you with easy self-publishing. Want to know more?

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What Does It Take To Publish A Book On Amazon?

Amazon is your ticket to faster publishing and swift acknowledgment amongst your followers! Amazon Book Publishing service enables authors and allows their eBooks to reach the readers within a span of 24 – 48 hours. Amazon Book Publishing is also known as free eBooks and paperbacks services by Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon KDP publishing).

Self-Book Publishing On Amazon – Faster Recognition, Easier Publishing.

Unlock Uncapped Earnings

Royalties across the world are approximately 70% on the sales, so when a copy of your book is published through Amazon, you unlock a gateway to massive earning through the sold copies of your eBook.

Price Tags and Edits

Amazon entirely dedicates the right of pricing to the publishing author – now you can decide the price tag for your written masterpiece. Another remarkable service from Amazon Book Publishing is "editing any time" policy – allowing you to change the content of your book whenever you like.

Versatile Print Options

eBooks and paperbacks – represent the two ends of your audience spectrum – the ultra modern reader preferring a softcopy of your writing while the latter reserved for the orthodox book lover.

“Amazon has not only made publishing accessible to a nascent author, but recognition now becomes the part of the package too! Amazon’s features like its gross accessibility to anyone, self-publishing that comes at absolutely no cost, and free eBook and paperback publishing opportunity for aspiring writers, has made it the busiest frontier for budding Amazon book publishers. Authors who were forced to keep their art and hidden due to a lack of sponsorships are now free to express themselves.”

Tyler Riddel


Let Amazon Berg Navigate Your Amazon E-Book And
Paperback Publishing

Amazon first introduced this service in the year 2007. Since then it has massively exploded. The number of authors seeking recognition through the platform has increased, and this has driven up the competitiveness. You need dedicated experts on your side to exploit the real potential of this platform. So many good writers fail to reach the earning potential they deserve because of their wrong choices. Amazon Berg can help you unlock uncapped profits through calculated support throughout the process of Amazon book publishing.

“The methodical, data-driven Amazon SEO services from Amazon Berg can make your book reach your global reader-base swiftly. Ready to witness how our Amazon book publishing service can transform you into the author of your dreams?”

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Amazing guidance towards budding authors...

"These guys make publishing on Amazon seem so easy. The turnaround time period was amazing and cooperation from the team really made me a fan. They explain everything to a first-time author on Amazon and thus, save you time and effort."
- Steve Carter


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"These guys know exactly what they are doing and they are the best in market. Explained every bit of the process to me, especially Ted was really nice to deal with and reassuring. Would recommend to all authors out there."
- Laurie Andrews

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Give your visitors enough material to get to know more about you, from different books you have published to a biography of yours if they wish to know, then let them know more about you. So, The Authors Page is the about us part of your Amazon profile. Get it handled by the SEO professionals!