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We Are The Amazon Experts, Striving To Boost Business For Top-Notch Brands With Our Battle-Tested Strategies And Unparalleled Expertise.

For years, we are using Amazon as a backbone to smartly boost Amazon business of consumer brands. Our team of brilliant minds and former Amazonians employ the most advanced technology and use it in combination with our unique strategies to guarantee results. Being the masters of platform, it is our forte to help our clients grow by providing Amazon consulting and management services.

Our key goal is to make the experience better for customers, just like Amazon. We believe our clients’ business can grow only by understanding what works for your customer. That is why we practically walk your customer through the whole journey, from Amazon SEO and Advertising Management to Content Optimization and Strategic Operations Consulting.

Battle-Tested Strategies:

After decades of struggles, we have formulated fool-proof strategies that never cease to amaze our clients and work best for everyone.

Backed by Technology:

Not only do we have a team of brilliant minds but we have equipped them with the right set of tools to get it right every single time.

Expert Team:

We have the privilege of having a team of hardcore Amazon experts to design strategies tailored to your specific needs.

Goal Oriented:

After analyzing your vision, we take your goal as ours and accomplish it in a highly professional and timely manner.

Dedicated to Client Services:

We are obsessed with the concept of client satisfaction. Our enthusiasm motivates us to work round the clock to achieve results.

Far-Sighted Attitude:

We are not only interested in booming your business for a day but we believe in long-term planning to ensure lasting results.

Our Clients

Amazon Berg Takes Pleasure In Improving Amazon Business For Top Notch Brands

Our Amazon seo experts have partnered with top brands and helped with enhancing their growth potential. scroll down to read some of our clients’ success stories and how we played a part in achieving their life long dreams.

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Case Studies


How We Improved Amazon Ranking For Native Green Tremendously With Sponsored Advertisement And Listing Optimization?

The cannabis-based medicinal product brand was in 50% deficit before consulting Amazon berg. With our day and night struggle and long-term strategic planning, we curated an efficient plan with Pay Per Click and Listing Optimization which proved to be a miracle for Native Green- boosting sales astronomically by 50%.


How Ideals Went From Being Invisible To Be On The First Page Of Amazon With Our Strategic Product Optimization?

Despite having a market-competitive and hyped product, Ideals were unable to achieve top-class ranking on Amazon search engine. Our Amazon experts took it as a challenge and by conducting extensive and deep keyword research, made their Covid social distancing floor decals to be on the First page of Amazon which reflected exponentially in their sales in a very short time.


How Our Amazon Product Listing And A+ Content Proved To Be A Game Changer For HuddleCam?

Registered store owner for video camera came to us for the Product Listing and Optimization. After data-driven analysis, our team recommended the client to develop EBC page and run paid advertisements at the right time which benefited him the most. As a result, HuddleCam started from the scratch to making 85% revenue in just few months.

Find Out How Amazon Sellers Have Benefited From Our Insights Which Translated To Astonishing Profitability

Creating Brilliantly-Ranked, Profitable Amazon Stores is what we do best!


Amazon Berg SEO Services gave us an insight into the right Amazon advertising strategy…

"Amazon Berg SEO Services gave us an insight into the right Amazon advertising strategy, which is huge for driving profitability. They are the right specialists if you want to figure out what long-tail phrases can boost your ad campaigns during and after an Amazon store launch, allowing you to make your mark in front of the right customers."
- Kate Ivey


I believe Amazon Berg breaks down the ranking process into easy steps...

"I believe that Amazon Berg breaks down the ranking process into easy steps and helps your products get ranked on the Amazon Search Engine with great precision. Amazon Search Engine is very different from traditional search engines, and this Amazon marketing company knows what they are doing! My sales have driven exponentially high ever since I have opted for their services!"
- Jeremy Smith

Get Strategy Tailored To Your Needs

Amazon’s search engine is engineered to care about two things: buyers and buying journey. That’s it. That’s why as an Amazon advertising agency, we engineer Holistic, 360 degrees Marketing strategies that improve CTR for your products – thus enabling enhanced ranking. Fill in the form and find out how we can transform your eCommerce store into multi-million revenue generating machine.